Why Study Accounting

Hey there!

Do you enjoy working with numbers and have an interest in business? If so, let me introduce you to an exciting and rewarding field called accounting!


Accounting is the language of business, responsible for tracking, analyzing, and reporting financial transactions for organizations and individuals. As an accountant, you’ll be pivotal in ensuring financial health and helping people make smart financial decisions.

Why Accounting?

So, why would you want to pursue a career in accounting? To begin with, it is a well-regarded profession with strong job prospects and opportunities for promotion. You can create your own firm or work for a huge corporation depending on your professional objectives. Even if you don’t wind up working as an accountant, you can use these abilities in many other areas of your life, such as personal financial planning and budgeting.

Career Path

You can focus on management accounting, tax, auditing, or financial planning as an accountant. Beginning as a junior accountant, you can advance to more senior positions, such as financial controller, CFO, or even partner in an accounting company, with time and other credentials.

What is Next?

Now that you know the potential for success in an accounting career, it is time to look into your possibilities. A junior accountant in Malaysia can expect to make between RM 30,000 and RM 40,000 every year, and experienced accountants can earn up to RM 80,000 or more. As a result, immerse yourself in the accounting industry by reading books, watching films, and participating in financial clubs or contests.

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Top 10 universities/colleges graduates hired by the Big 4 accounting firms in the United Kingdom

Deloitte UK

Institution Percentage Number
University of Warwick 9.90% 176
University of Oxford 9.50% 169
University of Cambridge 9.20% 163
University of Bristol 8.60% 153
University of Manchester 8.20% 146
University of Nottingham 8.10% 144
University of Leeds 7.90% 140
University of Edinburgh 7.60% 135
London School of Economics and Political Science 7.40% 131



Institution Percentage Number
University of Warwick 9.80% 381
University of Oxford 9.40% 365
University of Cambridge 9.20% 357
University of Bristol 8.50% 329
University of Manchester 8.10% 314
University of Nottingham 7.90% 306
University of Leeds 7.80% 303
University of Edinburgh 7.50% 290
London School of Economics and Political Science 7.30% 283
University of Bath 7.10% 275


Institution Percentage Number
University of Birmingham 10.80% 222
University of Warwick 10.40% 213
University of Leeds 8.40% 172
University of Nottingham 8.30% 170
University of Manchester 8.20% 168
University of Bristol 8.10% 166
University of Edinburgh 7.80% 160
University of Oxford 7.50% 154
University of Cambridge 7.40% 151
Durham University 7.20% 147


Institution Percentage Number
University of Birmingham 10.80% 218
University of Warwick 10.30% 208
University of Leeds 8.30% 168
University of Nottingham 8.20% 166
University of Manchester 8.10% 163
University of Bristol 8.00% 161
University of Edinburgh 7.70% 155
University of Oxford 7.40% 150
University of Cambridge 7.30% 148
Durham University 7.10% 144